Wendy Woodward LMT
massage therapy and bodywork


Wendy's massage techniques are on a whole diferent level...far superior then any other massage that I have ever had. She is the only one who can relax me and release all my pain.  



I am one of the most stressed out guys there is and I live with constant pain.  Massage never worked for me before.  My wife gave me a Shiatsu massage with Wendy, I didn't want to go...but she made me.  OMG...it was the most amazing experience.  I walked out of her office pain free and more relax then I can ever remember.  It was magical!  The effects of Wendy's massage last me about two weeks.  I am a regular client now.  I am so appreciative and grateful for her amazing talent.  Shiatsu massage with Wendy has improved my quality of life!